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Chimera table October 28th, 2010

Chimera tableChimera table

Shofars, kafias, epoxy resin.

The mythical monster “Chimera”, a lion-headed goat’s body and tail of a snake or a dragon. In embryology, “Chimera” is a creature that evolved  (in the laboratory or in nature) form somatic cells of two different individuals that came together. The result: Chimera is a creature of different somatic cells from a different genetic makeup.


Conflict August 2nd, 2007

The series concept of objects raise certain questions about the place of the local reality in design.

conflict-chair-olivesconflict-chair-amranon the wall-sofaon the wall-sofadear-philippe-riflebetonada-stoolbetonadabulletable-topbulletable-side

Left to right:

1. “Conflict Chair” – olive wood, felt.

2. “Sitting on the Wall” – unique textured vinyl, rubber, iron, wood, foam.

3. “Dear Philippe,” – lamp parts, wood, metal, army weapon cleansing sheet.

4. “Betonada Stool” – foam, unique textured vinyl, rope, plastic restraint, stainless steel rings.

5. “Bulletproof Table” – bulletproof glass of armored Volvo car, AK-47 shots, epoxy, ink, iron.


Lady’s handbags – ONE/OFF May 1st, 2006


This project was inspired by the notorious escape of the most dangerous rapist in the history of Israel. For two weeks, Beni Sela terrified the public until the police finally caught him with the help of the media and regular civilians. The combination of handbag and protection device attempts to create a product that serves dual purpose that caters to the uncertain world that we live in today.


The secret technology of hangers February 20th, 2006

smell sound taste feel

“The Secret Technology of Hangers” is a project exploring the untamed reality of the hidden habitat of the hanger. Intentionally getting out of the closet, and exploring this unknown domain by focusing on a set of new ideas, while retaining the gesture of the original shape.